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         As Thailand as been known as a Medical hub of Asia, our  experience and connection will  assist  you to find the most suitable physician and hospital/clinic for your specific treatment and preferences in Thailand. This is a good opportunity for you to share your budget, preferences, and constrains with your health travel planner to sort it out for you.



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What is Medical Tourism?

          Medical Tourism is the practice of travelling across the borders to obtain healthcare services in another country where medical expenses are relatively lower and the services sought are equivalent to or better than those available in one’s own country.


Medical Standards of Thailand

          Before a medical tourist makes a decision to get health-related services at a certain hospital in a certain country, he or she naturally needs to be assured of the safety, convenience, and medical capacity that can be expected there. These qualities must be outstanding among countries offering similar services, and comparable to the qualities available in his or her own country.


          In Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health has provided criteria for medical and nursing standards:

  ·   Every physician requires a medical license to practice, and must be supervised by the Medical

     Council of Thailand.

  ·  The Ministry of Public Health has established standards and assessment procedures for the

     Hospital Accreditation (HA).


          Apart from these guidelines, many international hospitals in Thailand have acquired additional standards to meet the needs of their foreign patients. Currently, seven private hospitals have been accredited by JCI, while more than 10 other private hospitals are in the process of getting JCI accreditation. And many more hospitals are getting ready for JCI accreditation in the near future.

          Meanwhile, more than 351 hospitals in the country have acquired HA: Hospital Accreditation by the Ministry of Public Health. A large number of hospitals have also acquired ISO9000 and ISO14000 certifications. Despite arguments that the ISOs are not hospital accreditation, the international standards of general management and environmental management reflect the hospitals’ commitment to deliver high-quality services. It is fair to say that ISO-certified hospitals are well prepared to acquire medical accreditation in the future.


Why Thailand is NO.1 in Medical Tourism 

           Thailand is one of the best destinations in Asia for health-conscious tourists. The country has been one of the contemporary pioneers of Medical Tourism in Asia, with more than a million foreign patients annually coming to over 956 public and 309 private hospitals, 7 of which are JCI accredited (as of 2010), and 17 of which are in the pipeline. The international patients will have access to the rich pool of over 19,000 medical doctors and 100,000 nurses, many of which have undergone trainings in the United States, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, and other countries.

          It is also notable that Thailand has been the leader in holistic treatment approaches, including healthcare, illness prevention, treatments, rehabilitative and restorative care. These approaches have gained greater attention in the western countries. Thailand has convenient access, beautiful tourist destinations, and superior services.


Medical Treatments that Thailand offer
           Presently, Thailand is able to offer most comprehensive range of medical treatments to the world due to many Thai-Physicians have been studied and specialty trained as specialist from abroad since 1960.These Physicians moved back to work in Thai private Hospitals and Clinics. So, they are able to freely offer their expertise and specialists to Thai as well as foreigner patients. 

The most three popular services in medical tourism are consist of:

1. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

2. Dentistry

3. Generalists

Additional Services for Your Recovery Period

               Most medical tourists, up to 80 per cent, seek additional services during their recovery period. After all, it’s a great opportunity to get pampered with spa services or catch up on some dentistry works while they are here. It is also time- and cost-effective things to do for patients’ companions to get services when time permits. They also make the prospect of accompanying someone on a medical trip much more attractive.

          Thai spas have earned its place as a superior and unique oriental experience that offers gentle treatments from the ancient wisdoms. The Thai massages and Thai hospitality, coupled with herbal drinks, herbs, and Thai health foods amidst the serene seaside or forest atmospheres, are considered the very best you can get.

          If you are interested in visiting Thailand for medical services, please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries.



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